The ISO Steering Team

Visit our page on Using Teams to Implement ISO 9001:2000 for a description of the Team Approach and an overview of the functions and make up of the ISO Steering Team and Task Teams.

ISO Steering Team

Determine who will be on the team. Include top management. Answer these questions:
  • Who will be able to decide which employees will be assigned tasks?
  • Will they know whether the employees' workload will be able to accommodate the assigned tasks?
  • Who is responsible for resources and can make resources available to the ISO 9001:2000 project?
  • This group should continue meeting as the “ISO 9001:2000 Steering Team”
Use the downloads listed in the right column of this page to prepare for your ISO Steering Team Meetings. Prepare your Agenda:
  • Explain the Implementation Steps to the team
  • Download and use the PowerPoint presentation ISO 9001:2000 Implementation
  • Use the PowerPoint presentation “ISO 9000 Implementation Tips and Techniques” to give the team an overview of the dos and don’ts of implementation.
  • Assign the tasks to individuals or teams. Complete the Task Team Assignments Table
  • Review the responsibilities to make sure that they are well dispersed, not assigned heavily to one group or one individual.
  • For each team identify a team leader. It works very well to have a member of the ISO Steering Team as a leader for each of the Task Group teams. It provides good communication between the teams and the ISO Steering Team throughout the project.
  • Determine resources required for completion of the tasks.
  • Will teams or individuals need assistance with other responsibilities during the ISO 9001:2000 project?
  • What kind of technical guidance will be needed to allow these teams or individuals to complete the tasks efficiently and effectively?
    1. Assistance from the management representative?
    2. Prepared materials?
    3. Special Training?
Assign dates to tasks. Complete the Gantt Chart
  • Complete the Gap Analysis before starting the Task Teams. They will use information from the Gap Analysis.
  • Stagger start dates according to resources available.
  • Determine which tasks you need to complete in the beginning to allow others to build on, for example: Management Responsibility. Complete the Quality Policy and Quality Goals as well as identifying key processes and their interrelation early on in the project.
  • Estimate the amount of time needed to complete each task based on the amount of resources available to the task.