Обзор Мирового фармацевтического рынка



  Тема Title
Маркетинговые войны Эл Райс, Джек Траут.
Фармацевтический маркетинг в компании Merck Pharmaceutical Marketing at Merck
Economic Characterization of the Dietary Supplement Industry
Implementing Marketing Strategy
Journal of Marketing Management, 19%, 12, 135-160
Find out how your target audiences search the Web.
Validation of a Multi-Dimensional Measure of Strategy
Development Processes
how you can use a technique known as the 80/20 rule to analyse your business sales and profits from customers,
To Get To Grips With Your Competitors
Использование комплекса маркетинга Marketing Mix
Разработка миссии Mission Statement
Promotional Mix
Target Customer List
Success and failure in marketing strategy making: Results of an empirical study across medical markets
Advertising, consumer behaviour and health: Exploring possibilities for health promotion

Marketing Communication

Unique Selling Proposition
Innovative marketing strategies after patent expiry
Making marketing happen: How great medical companies make strategic marketing planning work for them
The need for a new go-to-market strategy in Europe: How to survive and thrive in the new more complex healthcare marketplace
The price premium of generic to brand-names and pharmaceutical price index
Market Analysis Direct-to-consumer (DTC) Marketing
Patient views: DTC advertising
The pharmaceutical industry:
Where it is, how it got there, where it needs to go, how to get there
Genetic Research
Generic AZT Hits the United States
Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing
Strategic trends facing the pharmaceutical industry and their implications for marketing skills development
Strategic responses to market changes
Commercial strategies for implementation of branding and OTC switching policies
An empirical investigation of marketing strategy quality in medical markets
How a small distribution service for industrial seals turned into a successful, innovative marketing and manufacturing operation with a turnover of well over 1m
Marketing Trends & Issues
Grow through existing customers
Grow through new customers or markets
Grow through new products & services
Professional Diploma in Marketing Syllabus