ISO/TC 209 Standards and Drafts - ISO 14644-3

ISO 14644, Cleanrooms and associated controlled environments - Part 3: Metrology and Test Methods, is currently in distribution as a (DIS). ISO/TC 209 may move the document to Final Draft International Standard (FDIS) stage based on a positive vote in February, 2003.
The first meeting of WG 3 was held in 1994 in Tokyo. In total, ten meetings were held to develop the current document. Initial questions faced by the working group were: what was to be included in the standard and what was to be the structure of the standard. During brainstorming sessions in the first meeting, measurements and tests related to cleanrooms were classified into three categories:

  1. Measurement and test methods inherent to cleanrooms.
  2. Measurement and test methods often used in cleanroom but not limited to cleanrooms.
  3. Measurement and test methods of a general nature.

As cleanrooms include all phases of the engineering sciences, the measurement and test methods related to cleanrooms were numerous. WG 3 was requested by ISO/TC 209 to use the following policy to decide which items to include in the document:

  1. If there are any previously established standards on the subject, refer to them.
  2. Include items according to the requests or needs of other Working Groups.

The most important objectives of this document are to provide an internationally common basis of measurement and evaluation of cleanrooms and, at the same time, not to prevent the introduction of new technologies. The latter is the reason that the part of this draft which is related to instrumentation is Informative.