About the project

This site was created for:
- combining the efforts of specialists in the pharmaceutical industry of various countries to achieve high quality drugs;
- exchange of views and discussion of industry problems;
- discussions of US and EU good manufacturing practices.


In the news section you can find out the latest industry news, pharmaceutical companies and gov. regulation.

In the best practices section, you can find information regarding GMP requirements in the USA, EU, UK, Ukraine, Russia, Canada, Australia, as well as the approach of the World Health Organization.

In the Clean Room section, you will find out about the constructing of clean rooms and the standards for clean rooms.

In the Process Equipment section you will familiarize yourself with the new tech. solutions in process equipment.

In the Utilities section, you will learn about engineering, qualification, and monitoring of compressed air, compressed nitrogen, purified water [PW] and water for injection [WFI], pure steam.

In the Qualification and Validation section, you will find requirements and best practices for all the stages of Q&V:

RA Risk analysis
DQ Design qualification
IQ Installation Qualification
OQ Operation qualification
PQ Performance qualification
PV Process validation
FV Validation of the filtration process
CV Cleaning Validation
CSV Computer Systems and Software Validation
MV Method Validation


At the Forum you can discuss all issues related to GMP.

We Invite to cooperation individuals and companies who liked this project and who has the opportunity to help in its development and improvement. We are pleased to post your articles, publications, promotional offers on our website. For cooperation, please contact Admin [AT] GMPUA.com.

By supporting and participating in this project, you can develop your professional knowledge and career, receive unique information and discover new perspectives.


Regards, Administration.

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