Petr Shoturma


GMP expert, FAVEA Group





August 2012

GMP expert, FAVEA Group

July 2012

May 2011

Head of Certification, State Training Centre GMP / GDP

May 2011

January 2011

Leading engineer in the quality management, "Farmak", Ukraine

Desember 2010

June 2010

Quality Manager, Avineks Ukr

May 2010

August 2009

Sector Head of Quality Management Systems Certification Department, National Training Center GMP / GDP

July 2009

March 2006

Head of Quality Management, PJSC "Pharmaceutical company" Darnitsa ", Ukraine

March 2006

March 2004

Head of process-validation group, PJSC "Pharmaceutical company" Darnitsa ", Ukraine

March 2004

April 2002

Lead engineer-technologist of sterile medicines department, PJSC "Pharmaceutical company" Darnitsa ", Ukraine

April 2002

November 2000

Lead engineer-technologist of hard and soft drugs department, PJSC "Pharmaceutical company" Darnitsa ", Ukraine



Specialty engineer-technologist of Pharmaceutical Production, Department "Industrial pharmacy",Ukrainian Pharmaceutical Academy